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Can you name the Pokemon Colloseum and Xd Locations?

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A lonely gas station in the desert.Colosseum and XD
The 'City of Water.'Colosseum and XD
Realgam Tower's future location.Colosseum
A town full of rogues.Colosseum and XD
Home to Eugan and Beluh.Colosseum and XD
A training area for trainers.Colosseum and XD
Ein's location or Lovrina's location.Colosseum and XD
Home to Venus and the Deep Colosseum.Colosseum
Evice battle, or home to battle bingo and battle CD's.Colosseum and XD
Gonzap's hideout.Colosseum and XD
Professor Krane researches here.XD
A spooky manor home to a crazy professor.XD
The Krabby Klub and the Parts Shop are here.XD
First Poke Spot.XD
Second Poke Spot.XD
Third Poke Spot.XD
Deserted ship in the desert.XD
Pyramid-shaped base of Cipher.XD
Greevil's main base.XD
The XD colosseum with 7 rounds.XD

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