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Party MembersGets ambushed by Lord Crump at beginning of game
Party MembersIs in love with Koopie Koo
Party MembersRetired Actress
Party MembersI would have rather had a hot dog!
Party MembersAnother member's necklace hunter
Party MembersThe best admiral ever
Party MembersThe romantic badge thief
LocationsMain location
LocationsThe thousand year door is here
LocationsThe place where you can find horsetails
Locations2nd party member lives here
LocationsLook out for Fuzzies... and Stone Keys
Locations1st chapter boss
Locations1st assault by the Shadow Sirens
LocationsCome here to try to find Pungent's shop
Locations3rd party member lives here
LocationsGet a hot dog here
LocationsPigs everywhere!
LocationsA rare flower lives here
Locations????? lives here
LocationsAt the boom bassa-boom festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LocationsLast curse in this place
LocationsYou've been on here for 3 days
LocationsTube puzzle inside this place
LocationsA fountain of piranhas!
LocationsA certain detective penguin's mansion
LocationsHiding a secret cannon
LocationsFull of moon clefts
LocationsFind the one and only Crystal Star here
LocationsFinal boss location!
Locations100 fights of fury to the end
BossesPay 10 coins or you'll fight him
BossesAmbushes little goombas
BossesDon't jump on it or it'll ruin your shoes
BossesIn the room with Kolorado's Dad
BossesEats the people of the town in chapter 1
Bossesthe 3 shadow beauties`
BossesDoesn't come with tissues
BossesSomehow makes his way to chapter 3
BossesThe title match!
BossesA fight promoter??????
BossesHow many boos are there?
BossesYou don't know his name yet
BossesNow you know it
BossesThe pirate king
BossesFought on the open sea
BossesFrom the second day to the thirs
BossesHolder of the crystal star
BossesThe hardest bones anyone has ever seen
BossesLook out for his... MEGABREATH!!!!
BossesSomeone teamed up with some purple people
BossesThe final boss... or not
BossesA king and a hag
BossesThe final boss!
BossesIt only took 99 trials to get here!
Crystal StarsChapter 1
Crystal StarsChapter 2
Crystal StarsChapter 3
Crystal StarsChapter 4
Crystal StarsChapter 5
Crystal StarsChapter 6
Crystal StarsChapter 7
Random CharactersThe 'Merlon' of this game
Random CharactersShine sprite collector
Random CharactersStar piece collector
Random CharactersThe one who gives advice
Random CharactersTayce T.'s sister
Random CharactersGuides you to chapter 2
Random CharactersMayor of chapter 1
Random CharactersPartner 2's dad
Random CharactersGives you a mystic egg
Random CharactersLeader of punis
Random CharactersX
Random CharactersOn an adventure of his own
Random CharactersHelps you to chapter 4
Random CharactersMayor of chapter 4
Random CharactersSkull gem propieter
Random Characters'Detective' penguin
Random CharactersLives in cabin 2
Random CharactersHelps the captured princess
Random CharactersWe're rescuing her
Trouble CenterNeed a Key
Trouble CenterSafe Delivery
Trouble CenterPrice Adjustments
Trouble CenterFind this guy!
Trouble CenterHit me, please!
Trouble CenterI'm Hungry
Trouble CenterTry to find me!
Trouble CenterListen to me
Trouble CenterOrder me an item
Trouble CenterEmergency Shroom!
Trouble CenterPlay with me!
Trouble CenterHelp my daddy!
Trouble CenterHelp Wanted!
Trouble CenterHeartful Cake Recipe
Trouble CenterThe food I want
Trouble CenterElusive badge
Trouble CenterNewsletter
Trouble CenterSeeking legendary book
Trouble CenterTell that person
Trouble CenterLooking for a gal
Trouble CenterImportant thing
Trouble CenterGet these ingredients
Trouble CenterI must have that book
Trouble CenterSecurity code
Trouble CenterDelivery, Please
Trouble CenterI can't Speak!
Trouble CenterI wanna meet Luigi!
Trouble CenterRoust these cads!
Trouble CenterHelp me make up
Trouble CenterErase that Grafitti!
RecipesCake Mix + Inky Sauce
RecipesCoconut + Cake Mix
RecipesCoconut + Fire Flower
RecipesSnow Bunny + Spicy Soup
RecipesZess Dinner + Courage Shell
RecipesFire Flower+ Mystic Egg
RecipesVolt Shroom + Cake Mix
RecipesFire Flower + Cake Mix
RecipesKeel Mango
RecipesMystic Egg
RecipesKeel Mango + Ice Storm
RecipesTurtley Leaf + Horsetail
RecipesRuin Powder + Cake Mix
RecipesHoney Syrup + Cake Mix
RecipesHoney Syrup + Mushroom
RecipesHoney Syrup + Super Shroom
RecipesHoney Syrup + Ultra Shroom
RecipesHoney Syrup + Ice Storm
RecipesInky Sauce + Fresh Pasta
RecipesTurtley Leaf + Hot Sauce
RecipesJammin' Jelly + Cake Mix
RecipesJammin' Jelly + Mushroom
RecipesJammin' Jelly + Super Shroom
RecipesJammin' Jelly + Ultra Shroom
RecipesTurtley Leaf + Keel Mango
RecipesTurtley Leaf + Fresh Pasta
RecipesTurtley Leaf
RecipesMystic Egg + Mango Delight
RecipesKeel Mango + Cake Mix
RecipesMaple Syrup + Mushroom
RecipesMaple Syrup + Super Shroom
RecipesMaple Syrup + Ultra Shroom
RecipesShroom Fry + Shooting Star
RecipesUnmixable Ingredients
RecipesCake Mix
RecipesMystic Egg + Horsetail
RecipesPeachy Peach + Cake Mix
RecipesInky Sauce + Slow Shroom
RecipesTurtley Leaf + Poison Shroom
RecipesMushroom + Cake Mx
RecipesUltra Shroom + Cake Mix
RecipesLife Shroom
RecipesUltra Shroom
RecipesGolden Leaf + Ice Storm
RecipesDried Bouquet + Commo Item
RecipesFresh Pasta
RecipesHot Sauce + Fresh Pasta
RecipesFire Flower
RecipesCouple's Cake + Poison Shroom
RecipesMystic Egg + Cake Mix
RecipesGolden Leaf + Whacka Bump
RecipesMushroom + Horsetail
RecipesEgg Bomb + Coconut Bomb
RecipesMaple Syrup + Ice Storm
RecipesUltra Shroom + Slow Shroom
RecipesGolden Leaf

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