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Can you name the Thousand Foot Krutch songs by first line?

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first linesongalbum
Dear loved one,please listenPhenomenon
I can't erase it any more,it follows me everywhere I goWelcome to the Masquerade
I've tried,to hide it,but I can't sleep at nightThe Art of Breaking
Wanting,Watching,Debating,The Flame In All of Us
Everyone is up in my face,need to get outta this placePhenomenon
If you're like us,Calling all ridersPhenomenon
Sometimes love feels like painThe Flame In All of Us
I'm too scared to move,too scared to loseThe Art of Breaking
Drop the ball, Watch it fall far belowThe Art of Breaking
(Hold up,oh no!who let them in the door?)The Flame In All of Us
She fools,all of her friends into thinking she's so strongPhenomenon
We got the fire,who's got the matches?Welcome to the Masquerade
I got a bad case,of turnin' it upWelcome to the Masquerade
I know the way you feel,the way you feel incompetantThe Art of Breaking
first linesongalbum
Gonna get this party startedSet It Off
I've got a lot goin' on inside,Don't know if I can work things out this timeSet It Off
Open your mind,don't let it slip and take you on a midnight ride that's wickedWelcome to the Masquerade
(Hey!)Let's get it started show me how you really want itThe Flame In All of Us
From in the middle of the room she hears the conversation movingPhenomenon
Throw up your rawkfist,if your feelin' it when I drop this!Phenomenon
It falls apart from the very startThe Flame In All of Us
Everyday I get a little closer,and everything I'm made of,starts to melt awayWelcome to the Masquerade
Here comes an opening,she's got a broken wing,if you can feel the stingThe Flame In All of Us
Wait!I might hesitate,am I a minute too late?Phenomenon
Look,listen to my voice,if your making the choice tell all the girls and the boysThe Art of Breaking
I,need your breath to stay aliveThe Art of Breaking
We smashing,thousand be the head of the class n’Set It Off
Get Funky!That's What People Do

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