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Can you name the things Donald Trump grabbed?

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Donald grabbed his Shrek 2 DVD to watch this character voiced by Antonio Banderas
Donald grabbed a ticket to Russia in 2012 to watch this feminist-punk band before several members were arrested.
Donald grabbed a cassette of this Tom Jones signature song.
Donald grabbed a VHS of this Hanna-Barbera character. Heavens to Murgatroyd!
Donald grabbed a piece of this character's Carvel icecream cake that debuted in 1970.
Donald grabbed his Blu-ray of Kill Bill and fell in love with this truck, owned by Buck.
Donald grabbed an old issue of Archie Comics to admire the beauty of this all-girl musical group.
Donald grabbed Season 6 of the Sopranos to see the final appearance of this character (via flashback), real name Salvatore Bonpensiero.
Donald grabbed the branch of this North American tree with the scientific name: Salix Discolor
Donald grabbed a copy of this 1983 Roger Moore film that makes him wish he had 8 hands.

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