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What kind of animal does Clayton ride in the Boss Battle at Deep Jungle?
Who is the king in Kingdom Hearts?
What World is the only one you can't use summons at?
In Halloween Town the 3 kids' names are Lock, Shock, and?
Where is the Keyhole in Wonderland?
What is the name of the Keyblade that Kairi gives Sora?
What is the name of the starting Keyblade?
Where is the first world you play at with Sora?
How old was Sora in KH1?
In Traverse Town, Who runs the Accessory Shop?
How many Princesses of Heart are there?
Who is the villain in Deep Jungle?
Who is Jafar's companion in the Final fight in Agrabah?
What color is Sora's shoes?
In the Olympus Coliseum what is the goats name?
How many Summons are in the game?
Which villain is from Halloween Town?
Which creatures run the Synthesis Shop above the Accessory Shop?
What is Leon's real name from Traverse Town?
What is the leopards'name in Deep Jungle?

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