Homestar Runner Toons

Can you name the Homestar Runner Toons?

Very first Homestar toon, in Mario Paint 
HSR + PP vs. SB + SM tag team (removed) 
The King's sheep have gone missing 
An old timey cartoon collection 
Homestar finds a rare bird for Marzipan 
SB and Marzipan enter vegetable contest 
SB cheats in a contest again (removed) 
A classic music video with all characters 
Commercial for a music album 
Characters leave messages (series) 
Halloween - Everyone tells a story together 
Strong Bad sings a holiday song 
Coach Z has trouble speaking correctly 
Marzipan and SB hold competing parties 
SB dresses in a sailor suit w/ lollipop 
Homestar messes up marshmallow ad 
Popular fan question-answering series 
Halloween - Choose candy for everyone 
SB dresses up and sings for Thanksgiving 
Homestar needs a D'Ween gift for SB 
''Who's always givin' Strong Bad a hand?'' 
SB and SM's best buddy goes missing 
Homestar welcomes newcomers (and fails) 
Strong Bad asks Homestar some questions 
The Cheat's music video about fhqwhgads 
A creepy mascot plugs his marshmallows 
The Homestar Runner wants to make soup 
Halloween - Jack-o-lantern competition 
Strong Bad's crazy comic series 
A vaguely holiday-themed play is put on 
Everything is fine, nothing is ruined. 
Strong Mad thinks he's watching football 
Japanese cartoon meets b&w talkie 
Strong Bad gets a TROGDOR! machine 
SB tricks Homestar to get him drinks 
The Cheat gets several trophies (or not) 
A theme song sung by a barbershop trio 
All main characters introduce themselves 
Air-puffed sugar delight advertisement 
Puppet Homestar sings with The Cheat 
Vampire Marshie scares the viewers 
Halloween - a little bit of everything 
Strong Bad critiques Halloween costumes 
Puppet Homestar steals SB's stuff 
Strong Bad goes too far with his crimes 
Site remodeling... April Fools! 20X6! 
Two more animations by The Cheat 
A new action cartoon with merchandise! 
Homestar and TMBG make some songs 
A guitar is made in a character's image 
The action cartoon has a cereal now 
An ad for buying a home... or something 
Several winter toons in the summer 
A They Might Be Giants music video 
Upcoming text adventure by Videlectrix 
The Homestarmy says to take a day off 
Blue Laser saves money with coupons 
A 'scary' 'car-toon' from 1937 
Homestar talks to a girl about Halloween 
Halloween - The Cheat has hiccups 
Peasant's Quest holiday doo-dad 
Homestar slept through Decemberween 
Live-action adaptation of Videlectrix game 
Homestar's not the only one to talk to her 
It's not a free website anymore? 
Homestar cries over a cartoon 
Homestar fears the good times are over 
Bubs and Cardgage compete for sales 
Puppets in the office (three episodes) 
Marzipan isn't around for the 4th of July 
Homestar buys paint, shades, grapes 
Saddy Dumpington's story is told 
DragonCon '05 through SB's eyes 
Gunhaver teaches important lessons 
Matt wasn't feeling well for this one 
A return to Mario Paint for tattoo talk 
Halloween - Help Homestar help Marzipan 
Includes 'Coach Z, you jerk' and snowmen 
Homestar's met another young lady 
The dragon's third birthday montage 
Half a thousand drawings put to a song 
Sesquicentenn-email preparation 
The hiatus ends with a typo in the title 
Unrelated mini-toons for July 
Homestar suddenly wants to build stuff 
10th anniv. retelling of the original book 
Halloween - What happened to the night? 
The Commandos have a nice feast 
More mini-toons for the holidays 
A very long title for an unpopular character 
The fast food whale confuses Strong Bad 
Crack sings about safety and Spring Break 
Marzipan and The Cheat go out 
'from work' lost footage DVD 
Strong Sad tries to uncover the truth 
A catchy beat made by the whole cast 
Broternal Order of Different Helmets meet 
Cardboard Homestar is a good companion 
A record featuring competing bands 
The puppet doesn't creep her out, strangely 
Halloween - Horrible painting causes panic 
Coach Z accidentally features Peacy P 
Thanksgiving programming is lacking 
Bubs's alter ego spreads holiday cheer 
The S is for Sucks gets a moment of glory 
Strong Sad's favorite band plays at halftime 
Old-timey Valentines Day toon 
Ad for fast-food chain with whale mascot 
Hair metal band rehearses in basement 
Strong Sad finds a stinky relic in the couch 
Commercial for Wiiware / PC game 
Origins of the red star shirt are told 
The Videlectrix guys are hard at work 
Strong Mad fools around with Homestar 
Strong Sad's beach slide show 
Bubs gets customers at his van 
Crack Stuntman is hard to work with 
Peacy P guest stars in Taranchula song 
The Deleteheads prepare for Sbemail 200 
Crappy Halloween products are plugged 
Halloween - Cemetery spookiness 
Action movie co-stars hunt down The Cheat 
1-Up teaches Stinkoman to give thanks 
'Hustle for Sports' motivational video ad 
A collection of all the holiday tunes 
Homestar sleds down the Steep Deep 
Homestar responds to fan letters (series) 
Homestar ends up on an ice flow somehow 
''Teen Boy Squad'' go to a football game 
Space Captainface talks to students 
The gang plays a sport, hilarity ensues 
Anything can become a Strong Bad Email! 
SB explains why he doesn't own the website 
Homestar competes with Bubs's stand 
What does The Cheat do all day? 
Crack Stuntman's charity's process 
A toon about random things lasting 1:19 
C.Cdos are fired and join Topplegangers 
A collection of pre-toon animations 
Grammatically incorrect storybook remake 
The Lappy needs replacing 
Foam mascots shoot the breeze 
A combination of toon-making media 
A guitarist thinks SB needs to open up 
Brainkrieg's Halloween jam 
Halloween - Strong Sad kills everyone off 
Homestar reviews fan's jack-o-lanterns 
New content for a 90s kid demographic 
Breaking the hiatus? It's a miracle! 
Making up for the missing Halloween toon 
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  • Most toons no longer linked to on the website (and a few that never were) are bonus answers. Toons part of a series are grouped as such. DVD-only material not included.
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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017

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