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Brazil won the FIFA World Cup
A Summer Olympic Games was hosted in Asia
Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa
Marty McFly and Dr Emmett Brown visited in Back to the Future movies
A manned Apollo mission launched
Bill Gates was the CEO of Microsoft
Michael Schumacher won the F1 World Championship
James Dean was alive
Marilyn Monroe was married
The TV show Friends was running
A naturally right handed US President was in office since 1923
There was a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey since 1900
A James Bond movie was released
Is a prime number from 1900 to 2015
Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls
A men's 100m world record was run
The Beatles released a studio album
Volgograd was known as Stalingrad
Was a Leap Year since 1900
J. Edgar Hoover was Director of the FBI

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