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Which striker has scored the most World Cup goals of all time?
In 2001, who broke the world transfer record when he moved from Juventus to Real Madrid for £46.6 million?
Which former England goalkeeper has the most premier league clean sheets in history?
Which female player was named FIFA World Player of the Year five consecutive times between 2006 and 2010?
Which top female star was stabbed on court in 1993 by an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf?
Name either player involved in the 2010 match at Wimbledon, where the score in the final set was 70-68
Which male player won a record 41 consecutive matches at Wimbledon, accumulating 5 championship wins from 1976-1980
Name either woman who faced Bobby Riggs in a Battle of the Sexes match
6'5' and 260 lbs, this New Zealand winger is considered to be one of the most powerful rugby players of all time
Name either the captain or the only black player in South Africa's 1995 world cup team, when Nelson Mandela famously wore the Springboks jersey.
Name either professional club which Jonny Wilkinson has played for?
l'Homme des Cavernes is the nickname of which retired French number 8?
What was Don Bradman's final career test batting average (to 2 d.p.)?
Name any player who has hit six sixes in an over in First Class cricket
Inside the urn presented to the winner of tests between England and Australia are reputed to be the remains of what?
Who is the only batsman to have scored 500 runs in an innings in First Class cricket?
The technique which the majority of athletes use for the high jump is named after which competitor?
Who is currently the only white man to officially run the 100m in under 10 seconds?
Trained by an Irish missionary in Kenya, who is the current 800m world record holder and Olympic gold medallist?
Name any member of the female world-record holding USA 4x100m relay team (2012)
Which Australian snooker player achieved one hundred centuries in a season in 2014?
Which snowboarder, a major rival of Shaun White, was the subject of the 2013 documentary, The Crash Reel?
Nancy Kerrigan's leg was deliberately injured, allegedly by accomplices of which other figure skater?
Which gymnast, who won 4 golds and 2 silvers in the 1972 and 1976 Olympics, was known as the 'Sparrow from Minsk'?
Nicknamed the Black Knight, Mr. Fitness, and the International Ambassador of Golf, which South African is the most travelled athlete in history?
Which Scot from St. Andrews was a pioneer of professional golf and won the Open Championship in 1861,1862, 1864 and 1867
What is Tiger Woods' real first name?
What was Jack Nicklaus' nickname?
Which boxer was the highest paid sportsperson of 2013, earning $105 million from just two fights?
Which former Ukrainian boxer has now taken up politics and is the current Mayor of Kiev?
The Rumble in the Jungle was a boxing match between which two heavyweights?
Who is the only person to hold the heavyweight title and go unbeaten and untied with 49 wins and 0 losses?

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