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Can you name the following facts about Yoshi?

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Developing Company
Created by
Designed by
Debut Game
Debut Year
Debut System
Genre of game
Yoshi was originally intended to be introduced in which game?
Yoshi's name was translated in some early Japanese material as ____
What is the name of the masked enemies that frequently appear in Yoshi games?
Number of different colors Yoshi comes in
Native Island
What kind of animal is Yoshi?
In Yoshi's Island, what is the name of the Magikoopa that tries to thwart Yoshi?
Symbol in Smash Bros. series
In Mario Kart 64, what is the name of Yoshi's course?
In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, what is Yoshi's Final Smash called?
What is the name of Yoshi's hovering jump?
Who is Yoshi's partner in Mario Kart Double Dash?
In Yoshi's Story what are the two hidden Yoshi colors?

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