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QUIZ: Can you name the Christmas specials and movies most known as a 'Classic'?

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SummaryShow/MovieOriginal year of air/release
An ordinary man puts on Santa's clothes following an accident on Christmas Eve, and now becomes the big guy himself.1994
The story of the snowman who came to life by the power of a magic hat.1969
The legend of the outlawed reindeer with the red nose.1964
This toy cracks nuts. (sorry, never saw the play)1958
Charlie Brown wants to direct a play, but can't seem to do it right. Meanwhile, Snoopy is caught up in Christmas cheer.1965
The Griswold family tries for a perfect Christmas, but that seems impossible when the whole family just makes it an ordeal.1989
One girl doubts the existence of Santa Claus, and a man claiming to be Kris Kringle tries to prove her wrong.1947
The history of the big man who brings us toys and gifts.1970
Mickey and Prof. Ludwig von Drake star in Charles Dickens' classic Christmas novel.1983
The tale of the whimsical snowman's attempts to stop an evil inventor from ruining the snowy season with his cans of snow removal spray.1995
Mickey tells us 3 Christmas tales about his family in this straight-to-video classic.1999
Santa gets a cold (how ironic!) and wants to skip Christmas. Meanwhile, a boy wants it to snow in southern USA.1974
The story of young Ralphie's holiday mishaps.1983
SummaryShow/MovieOriginal year of air/release
The story of the magical train that carries children to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.2004
Buddy was raised by elves, but is now being forced to move to the big apple with his real family.2003
The original film featuring Mr Scrooge, a man who hates Christmas, and he is visited by 3 ghosts trying to change his mind.1984
The green man who hates Christmas, and decides to steal it from the beloved citizens of Whoville.1966/2000
Christopher Robin writes a letter to Santa informing him of what he and his friends want for Christmas, but Pooh realizes Piglet forgot to ask for something, so they go after it.1991
The Muppets star in Charles Dickens' classic Christmas novel.1992
The story of a man who sees Christmas as a stressful time, and is visited by his guardian angel to prove him wrong.1946
A marriage catastrophe, as described by the film's main characters, Tom the Piper and Mary Contrary1934
These 3 chipmunks try to sing their way through Christmas in this newer classic.2007
You leave your son at home, by accident, and you end up with 2 burglars trying to rob your home, with your son inside.1990
The story of a man who is killed and now resides in his son's snowman.1998
The tale about the little boy that came to Jesus's birth.1968

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