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Can you name the things in a Paper Mario 64 alphabet ?

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Dark-coloured Shy Guy, guards chest with a Power Plus badge inside
Vulture, asks you your name, if you say Luigi, you're let off
Dungeon for Chapter 7
With this badge, the action command will work a little more frequently
First star spirit saved
The dark forest
If you give him a cake, he'll (literally) jump for joy
He is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game (my favourite boss)
A badge that increases Mario attack against fire enemies by 2, also lets him jump on fire without getting burned
This item increases your FP by 50
This magikoopa is Bowser's main henchwoman
Watt's species
The mouse that shows you how to get to Dry Dry Ruins
These bouncy creatures live in Starborn Valley
Town at the end of Dry Dry Desert (do not include Dry Dry)
Moustafa gives this to you to help you find the Ruins
This badge lets you use a hammer attack that damages all enemies on the ground or ceiling
This bird helps you get inside Mt. LavaLava
You get this item when you participate in the quiz game as Peach
He eats boos. 'nuff said
The last hammer upgrade; found inside Mt. LavaLava
Chuck Quizmo's lovely assistant
The tree that greets you in Flower Fields
(From TTYD) This enemie is the main henchmen of Sir Grodus
You have to find 5 of these on LavaLava Island
This badge causes most enemies to take damage when they touch Mario during battle

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