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Symbol for atomic element 33, or a song by Stevie Wonder 
Product of fire, or protagonist in the Pok√©mon anime 
Too hasty, or an eruption on the skin 
#, or able to cut through a tin can 
Your guide through the Himalayas 
Winged spirits that stole food from Phineas 
One of two types of corundum, the other is ruby 
Greek letter, approx. 22/7 
___/Tuck, FX drama series  
____ the bottle, party game of mild promiscuity 
The vertebral column 
A sharpshooter 
Carl _______, rockabilly musician ('Blue Suede Shoes') 
To scatter in drops or particles 
The way someone does something (abbreviation) 
___ Zedong 
A country in Asia 
Times New _____ 
This color times five makes a rock band 
Inhabitant of an African island nation 
A country in Africa 
__ Cooder 
___ Charles 
Scotland ____ 
Bridget Jones's _____ 
Infinite, uncountable - though the original Greek meaning is 10,000 
A structure most commonly associated with Egypt 
A centipede or millipede 
The __, FOX drama series 
The head of a company management (abbreviation) 
'Four _____ and seven years ago...' 
A play by Patrick Marber, adapted to film by Mike Nichols 
A place for mentally stimulating diversions 
The devices that connect railway cars 
City of Angels 
To be ill or feel pain 
A hideout or den 
Disney's little mermaid 
Of the first degree (a ______ equation) 
Neither animal nor vegetable 
A device for entering information, or a large railway station 
__, myself and I 
Bartender on The Simpsons (first name) 
European capital 
-- --- .-. ... . 
Part of a church service 
_______, Lake and Palmer 
The Four ________ of the Apocalypse 

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