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QUIZ: Can you name the Name the 'BER' words?

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Capital city of Germany?
Czech tennis player Tomas?
Old Camaro trim-level?
Latvian strongman Raimonds?
Ernie's Sesame Street buddy?
Actress Candice of Murphy Brown?
Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi?
Dutch soccer player Dennis of Arsenal fame?
Stereotypical French hat?
County in England?
Actress Elizabeth of 'Showgirls' fame?
Actress Peters who starred in 'The Jerk'?
Scamster Madoff?
Defunct Chevrolet coupe?
Retired Austrian Formula 1 star Gerhard?
1990s pro wrestling viking?
Site of many mysterious disappearances?
Motown record producer Gordy?
Deprived of or lacking?
Strait between Russia and Alaska?
Popular British-owned vacation spot?
Paris neighborhood?
'_____ Bears' of childrens literature?
Swedish tennis legend Stefan Ed____?
American middle weight boxer Hopkins?
British philosopher Russell?
'Big' German gun of World War 1?
A ship's place at dock?
Scottish Borders town,___ Upon Tweed?
Nomadic tribe of North Africa?

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