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Can you name the 50 cursed sports franchises?

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CurseTeamLast Title
Curse of the Billy Goat1908
Curse of the Black Sox* (Broken)2005
Curse of Paul Brown1964
Curse of Frank Gifford1960
Curse of Chief Wahoo1948
Curse of O.J. Simpson1965
The Purple People Eater Voodoo HexNone
Curse of the GunNone
Curve of Dave Keon1967
Curse of Melvin Bell1954
Curse of Michael JordanNone
Curse of the Dollar Bill1961
Curse of Darnell Hillman's AfroNone
Curse of Johnny Unitas and Art Donovan1970
Curse of the Turkey1957
Curse of Brian BosworthNone
Curse of Jarry ParkNone
Curse of Bobby Clarke's Dentist1975
Curse of the Frozen Lottery Ball1973
Curse of Dr. JackNone
Curse of Dr. Jack1977
Curse of Jerry Glanville1961
Curse of Don Coryell1947
Curse of the King County CouncilNone
Curse of Bernie BrewerNone
Curse of the Super Bowl HookerNone
CurseTeamLast Title
The Chief's Revenge1975
Curse of the Mustard UniformsNone
Curse of Paul Westphal1979
Curse of William BedfordNone
Curse of the Ickey ShuffleNone
Curse with No NameNone
Curse of Dr. JNone
Curse of Robin VenturaNone
Curse of the Mohawk1968
Curse of the Powder Blue1963
Curse of the Cow BellNone
Curse of Ted StepienNone
Curse of the 'V-Necked' SweatersNone
Curse of the Schottenheimers1969
Curse of Wes Unseld1978
Curse of Brian Winters1971
Curse of the Seattle Center ColiseumNone
Curse of the Stove Pipe Hat1979
Curse of Dino CiccarelliNone
Curse of Nick BakayNone
Curse of Tree RollinsNone
Curse of Allas, TexasNone
Curse of McSorley's StickNone
Curse of Bristol* (Broken)2006
Curse of the Bambino* (Broken)2004
The Manning Hex* (Broken)2010

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