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Can you name the various terms associated with curling?

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Circular target marked on the ice
Name of each round of play
Item used to sweep the ice
Block players push out of to deliver their stones
Center of the circular target
Line that divides the circular target lengthwise
Line perpendicular to the above
Line down the ice parallel to the above
Ice on which the stones curl well
Material the stone is composed of
Item used to time the stones to get a feel for the ice
Team member who guides the other members
Second to the team member above
Last-stone advantage at the end of a round
Process of throwing the stone
When dirt ruins the trajectory of a stone
Rotation on the stone to make it curl
Amount of thrust on the stone when thrown
Shot thrown in front of the circular target
Shot thrown only to reach the circular target
Shot thrown to remove stones from play
Round when no teams score
When the team without the last-stone advantage scores
Stone that barely touches the outside of the circular target

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