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Karyatid Figure from the Erechtheion
Kore Nikandre
Delphic Charoteer
Herakles and the Kerkopes (Temple C, Selinus)
Fall of Troy (Kleophrades Painter)
Diskobolos (Myron)
Polyneikes and Eriphyle (the Chicago Painter
Heroic Cattle Raid (Sikyonian Treasury)
Pediment: Temple of Zeus at Olympia
Kritios Boy
Odysseus and Elpenor (Lykaon Painter)
Artemision Zeus
Hermes and Dionysus (Praxiteles)
Berlin Standing Goddess
Orpheus (The Orpheus Painter)
Kore 675
Achilles and Ajax (Exekias)
Diadoumenos (Polykleitos)
Dionysus and the Maenads (the Amasis Painter)
Continuous Frieze: Parthenon
Metopes: Temple of Zeus at Olympia
Doryphoros (Polykleitos)
Achilles and Hector (the Berlin Painter)
Three Men Carousing (Euthymides)
Riace Warriors
Fran├žois Vase (Kleitias)
Raging Maenad (Skopas)
Centauromachy Metopes: Parthenon
Pediment: Temple of Aphaia (Aegina)
Dionysus Sailing (Exekias)
Herakles/Dionysus Feasting in the Presence of Athena (Andokides Painter/Lysippides Painter)
Hestia Giustiniani
Herakles and the Amazons (Euphronios)
Herakles Dioskouroi (the Meidias Painter)
Peplos Kore
Apollo and Artemis Slaying the Niobids (the Niobid Painter)
Women Weaving (the Amasis Painter)
Sounion Kouros
Perseus and Medusa (the Pan Painter)
Aphodite of Knidos (Praxiteles)
Piraeus Apollo
Wedding of Peleus and Thetis (Sophilos)
Eirene and Ploutos (Kephisodotos)
Continuous Frieze: Siphnian Treasury (Delphi)
Aphrodite from the Agora
The Wedding Procession (the Amasis Painter)
Kleobis and Biton
New York Kouros
Apoxyomenos (Lysippos)
Pediment: Temple of Artemis (Corcyca)
Boreas Pursuing Oreithyia
Anavysos Kouros
Blond Boy
Pediment: Parthenon
Aristodikos Kouros
Nike (Paionios)
Perseus Pursued by the Gorgons (the Gorgon Painter)
Pediment: Siphnian Treasury (Delphi)

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