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Can you name the races shown in the Age of Wonders series so far? Those from dwellings are excluded

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Average race acting as a mix of all other races
Hardy mountain folk that specializes in machinery
Small people who do things for fun and happiness
Nature-loving race that seeks interracial harmony
Race of brutes who love fighting one another as well as other races
Underground people who use large numbers and poison against their enemies
Ice people
Desert people who worship some deity named Yaka
Anthropomorphic reptiles that can swim
Splinter faction of an ancient race; seeks revenge over a past misdeed
Corpses animated by dark magic and want to turn the whole
Angelic beings who want humans to dominate Athla so they can supply more troops upon death
Dragon people; descendants of dragons who were hunted down to the brink of extinction
Cat people; inspired by Ancient Egypt
Desert people who are a mix of the two races mentioned earlier
Original inhabitants of the Shadow Realm but became slaves
Bug-like creatures that take over worlds to swell their numbers
Ancient race that was the original state of the two races mentioned earlier

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