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Can you name the following geographical places based on these descriptions and the people they are named for?

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Captial of an island nation named for a Hospitaller Grand Master who defended the island during an Ottoman siege
Middle East country named for a biblical man who fathered twelve sons
South American straits named for the first explorer to circumnavigate the world
Fourth largest city in the United States named for the first president of the Republic of Texas
South American capital named for a British monarch
Large African lake named for a long reigning British monarch
Italian capital named for a legendary king.
The largest city in Vietnam named for a communist revolutionary and North Vietnamese leader
Canadian bay named after an English explorer
Archipelago near New Guinea named for a German chancellor
Egyptian port city named for a Greek conqueror
American city at the confluence of the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela Rivers named for a British statesman
South American nation named for leader in the Spanish American Wars of Independence
South American nation named for the explorer who discovered the New World
Capital city in Oceania named for the victor of Waterloo
Pacific island nation named for a Spanish king
Capital of the United States named for a founding father and first President
The first European settlement in Australia as a penal colony named for a British viscount
Second largest city and former capital of Russia named for the 'great' tsar who founded it
West African capital city named for the fifth President of the United States

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