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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts about Tombstone?

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What is Doc Hollidays former profession?
What was the Judges last name?
What date was the O.K. Corral fought on?
Who played Morgan Earp?
How many Cowboys did the died at the O.K. Corral shootout?
Maunfactorer of the gun Wyatt used in Tomstone?
Name of the infamous cemetary in Tombstone?
Name of Theater in Tombstone?
Name of the Marshall killed by Curly Bill
City where Wyatt served as a policeman and killed a man?
Virgil lost use of what in the Cowboys failed assisination attempt.
Who didn't play in Tombstone, Charleton Heston, Billy Bob Thorton, or John Voight
In what year did Tomstone debut?
Who narrarated Tomstone?
Name of the card game Wyatt dealt at the Crystal Palace?

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