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Date of Most Recent WarningCountryExcerpt of Reason for Warning
8/10/2010'Rockets and mortars are still occasionally fired'
8/27/2010'Authorities have detained foreign nationals who questioned the policies, public statements, or the actions of the current or former leadership'
10/8/2010'U.S. citizens may be subject to harassment or arrest'
11/2/2010'Terrorist attacks could be indiscriminate and could occur not only in the southern islands but also in other areas'
11/10/2010'Violence by narco-terrorist groups continues to affect some rural areas as well as large cities'
11/25/2010'Government soldiers, as well as rebel fighters, remain a security concern'
12/3/2010'Large crowds of demonstrators have continued to block major intersections throughout the capital, and pelt passing vehicles with rocks'
12/8/2010'Criminal and armed group activity tends to increase during the dry season'
12/23/2010'There is an ongoing security threat due to the continued presence of terrorist groups, some affiliated with al Qaida'
12/27/2010'There is no U.S. Embassy or other U.S. diplomatic presence'
12/28/2010'Terrorist acts could include suicide operations, bombings, kidnappings, attacks on civil aviation'
1/7/2011'While the situation is relatively calm, the period following the referendum may be marked by political instability'
1/12/2011'Protests, demonstrations, and disruptions continue to occur, often without advance notice'
1/12/2011'Al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a terrorist group, continues its attempts to kidnap Westerners'
1/14/2011'Armed militia groups, bandits, and poachers present real dangers'
1/20/2011'No one is safe from kidnapping, regardless of occupation, nationality, race, gender, or age'
2/2/2011'The presence of Al-Qaida, Taliban elements, and indigenous militant sectarian groups poses a potential danger to U.S. citizens'
Date of Most Recent WarningCountryExcerpt of Reason for Warning
2/25/2011'Ongoing violence and a deteriorating security situation'
2/27/2011'Once arrested, detainees may be held for extended periods without being told the purpose of their incarceration'
3/2/2011'The Department is aware of several separate sources of information indicating AQIM’s ongoing interest in kidnapping Westerners throughout the Sahel Region'
3/8/2011'There is an ongoing threat to kidnap and assassinate U.S. citizens'
3/11/2011'AQIM continues to demonstrate its intent and ability to conduct attacks against foreign nationals'
3/16/2011'Terrorist attacks including bombings, false roadblocks, kidnappings, and ambushes occur regularly'
4/4/2011'U.S. citizens or other foreigners have sometimes been detained by militants for hours or longer'
4/12/2011'While sectarian and terrorist violence occurs at levels lower than in previous years, it occurs often'
4/14/2011'Lawlessness, food shortages, and the banking crisis are potential dangers'
4/15/2011'Violent crime committed by individuals and gangs, as well as by persons wearing police and military uniforms, remains a problem throughout the country'
4/19/2011'Mutineering soldiers have protested violently, looted, and committed carjackings'
4/22/2011'Bystanders, including U.S. citizens, have been injured or killed in violent incidents in various parts of the country'
4/25/2011'Border areas in the region are frequently not well-marked and can be potential flashpoints'
4/25/2011'Detained U.S. citizens may find themselves subject to allegations of incitement or espionage'
5/25/2011'Ongoing civil unrest throughout the country'
6/1/2011'Armed criminals ambushing vehicles'

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