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Can you name the facts and quotes from the Simpsons episode 'Lemon of Troy'?

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What does Bart think is the only sign that might be sweeter than 'Wet Cement'?
Name either object Bart ignores on his way to the wet cement.
What do the people of the future know about Bart's sister Lisa?
What object does Bart impress the people of the future with in his fantasy?
Town pride has been going downhill since what caught fire?
What kind of army men are best for catching trout?
'We've _____ our whole supply! To the lemon tree!'
With what comeback does Bart finally shut up his Shelbyville counterpart who calls him a garbageman?
What was the full name of Jebediah Springfield's frontiersman partner?
'Why would we want to marry our cousins?'
'Who will come and live a life devoted to chastity, abstinence, and a flavorless mush I call _______?'
What was planted to mark the sweet occasion of Springfield's founding?
What is Mrs. Krabappel attempting to teach when the children run out of class?
What are they always eating in Shelbyville?
What does Martin recommend putting in your boots?
What color are the fire hydrants in Shelbyville?
What word, spoken by his Shelbyville counterpart, makes Milhouse feel like he's going to explode?
When the kids split up, Bart and Milhouse form this team.
QuestionAnswerBonus quote
Todd and Database form this team.
'Nelson, that leaves you and Martin.'
'The police captain in Shelbyville hasn't seen our kids, but if they show up in the morgue he's gonna ____ us.'
Homer thinks Bart may have turned bad not from Marge's speech, but from when she let him do this
Martin accosts a kid making lemonade out of this
Whose disguise kit does Milhouse use to give Bart a new face?
'You know, I wish there was a Springfield kid here right now. I'd fill his mouth with stinkbugs!'
What does Bart spray-paint instead of 'Springfield Sucks'?
'So, he thinks he can out-skateboard me, huh?'
After learning that his Shelbyville counterpart is also named Milhouse, Milhouse declares that this is what it feels like ______
Rocky V plus Rocky II equals Rocky VII...
The Shelbyvillians are hiding the lemon tree on what type of property?
'Bust in here and take it? You must be stupider than you look!'
What is Homer doing when Flanders tries to start the RV?
'Eat my shorts, Shelbyville! Eat my shorts!'
The Shelbyvillians' revisionist history has them claiming they banished the awful tree forever, because...
The Shelbyvillians end up having to drink what instead?

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