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Can you identify whether two cities border the same body of water (Y) or not (N)?

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Austin, TX and Waco, TX
Basel, Switzerland and Geneva, Switzerland
Honolulu, HI and San Diego, CA
Bismarck, ND and Jefferson City, MO
Ottawa, ON and Toronto, ON
Buffalo, NY and Cleveland, OH
Entebbe, Uganda and Mwanza, Tanzania
Dakar, Senegal and Miami, FL
Manaus, Brazil and Recife, Brazil
Niigata, Japan and Vladivostok, Russia
New Rochelle, NY and Yonkers, NY
Algiers, Algeria and Tripoli, Libya
Ankara, Turkey and Odessa, Ukraine
Acapulco, Mexico and Cancún, Mexico
Bratislava, Slovakia and Budapest, Hungary
Dubai, UAE and Kuwait City, Kuwait
Aberdeen, UK and Dublin, Ireland
Montréal, QC and Québec, QC
Baku, Azerbaijan and Sochi, Russia
Cape Town, South Africa and Durban, South Africa
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Port Sudan, Sudan
Duluth, MN and Thunder Bay, ON
Baghdad, Iraq and Fallujah, Iraq
Bamako, Mali and Niamey, Niger
Minneapolis, MN and New Orleans, LA

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