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Can you name the facts and quotes from the Simpsons episode 'A Star is Burns'?

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At the start of the episode, Springfield is named least ______ city in America.
Krusty forgets he's supposed to be wheelchair-bound while playing this man on stage.
Bart sells a map to Japanese tourists indicating that Moe's house is actually this actress's.
Patty and Selma suggest changing the town name to this.
Bart claims that a picture of this is 'Springfield as it appears from space.'
Grampa considers this to be the tool of the Devil.
This person is excited by the film festival as an excuse to wear makeup.
Marge determines this man is the best-looking of the 600 film critics on TV.
This is the title of Rainier Wolfcastle's new film, a mixture of action and comedy.
'The film is just me in front of a brick wall for an hour and a half. It cost $80 million.'
Homer's ears are burning because he lit one of these.
Marge invites Jay Sherman, conveniently the star of this other Fox show, to judge the festival.
Jay escapes Rainier Wolfcastle by telling him that:
Homer keeps writing this name on the sign to pick up Jay.
Homer couldn't tell if something on his back was a pimple or a boil, but it turned out to be this.
Burns hits Smithers for failing to use this adjective to describe him.
Burns wants this director, but he's unavailable.
Who is the only other Pulitzer Prize winner who can belch like Jay?
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Homer gets Jay in trouble by having him tell Patty and Selma that this TV character is gay.
When Homer demands to be on the festival jury, Marge crosses off this director's name.
Name any of the four actors trying out for the part of Mr. Burns.
This character shows up to the festival dressed in 'Rocky Horror' drag.
This is the name of Apu's film, assembled from security camera footage of a robbery.
This is the name of Moe's film, in which he dances on the bar before falling.
This character's film, 'Man Getting Hit by Football,' is Homer's favorite.
Barney's movie lands him on the cover of this magazine.
This is the name of Mr. Burns' film.
The second section of Burns' film is a copy of the ending of this Steven Spielberg film.
Smithers briefly convinces Burns that the audience is not booing his film, but rather saying this.
Name either judge successfully bribed to vote for Burns' movie.
Barney's film, while moving, has this unfortunate title.
Best animated short goes to this Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, in which Scratchy unwittingly marries a woman made of dynamite.
According to Homer, it's not that tough being a ____ _____.
Barney plans to become sober until seeing that this is the grand prize.
Burns attempts to bribe the Oscar voters, but the award goes to this actor in 'Man Getting Hit by Football.'

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