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Can you name the facts and quotes from the Simpsons episode 'A Milhouse Divided'?

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This is Homer's solution to being unable to see the TV.
When Marge asks why he's in his underwear at 5:15, Bart responds:
This store sells kitchen items, to Otto's consternation.
Marge rejects an oyster mallet for being made in this country.
Marge washes these in the dishwasher before the party.
This is the only thing Marge asked Homer to do for the party, and he didn't do it.
Name any couple at the party besides the Van Houtens.
Luanne Van Houten is outed by Kirk as not having these.
Ned likes Woody Allen movies, except for '___ _____ _____ that's always in them'
Homer recommends this comic strip to the Van Houtens.
During Pictionary, Maude correctly identifies a few dots drawn by Ned as this item.
Kirk is unable to recognizably draw this abstract concept.
Name either cracker factory with which Kirk's company is now tied for sixth in town.
Kirk draws this in response to Luanne's demand for a divorce.
Marge thinks she shouldn't have served fortune cookies from this country.
Kearney's kid sleeps in one of these.
Newly single, Kirk's bed is shaped like this.
Kirk's idea for dealing with a drowned possum is to throw it over the fence and let this restaurant deal with it.
QuestionAnswerBonus quote
'That's Jerry. He's a major player down at the ______ _____.'
'So that's it after twenty years? So long, good luck?'
Luanne's new boyfriend is a stuntman who also works on this show.
Kirk's new girlfriend has this name.
'Can I borrow ___ ______?'
Kirk has been thawing hot dogs in this location:
According to Lisa, Marge knows about Homer's ____ ____ in the swamp.
Homer's wedding cake for Marge is shaped like this.
'Hey, do you think that truck is full of _____?'
Homer buys season tickets to the theater, including an evening with this composer.
Failing to impress Marge, Homer goes to City Hall and does this.
What word does Homer underline in his vows?
Homer's vows imagine traveling across the alkali flats in a vehicle navigated by ______
'Can you lend me __ ___ __ ____?'
'Hurtin' hearts ____ ____ _____'
'Take my hand with ____ ____ __ ____'
Kirk declares that he will be back...

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