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Theme 2, the structure and properties of nucleotides

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The inter nucleotide distance of a DNA molecule is
Of the entire human genome 8% of the DNA represents...
The number of hydrogen bonds between A-T nucleotide are?
Where is the H positioned on a deoxyribose sugar ring?
Which type of bond forms when two nucleotides bond at the 3' and 5' carbons
Where are nucleotides attached when trying to make polynucleotides?
% of exons in the DNA
What is the difference between prokaryotic and Eukaryotic DNA?
Approx how many genes are there in the human genome?
There are 3 hydrogen bonds between which two nitrogenous bases?
A nucleosome is....
A chromatin molecule is..
Why are the bases on a DNA strand likened to rungs on a ladder?
Approx how much of the human genome echidnas protein?
mRNA contains...
What is the length of unpacked DNA in a nucleus?
How many nucleotides are there per turn in a DNA molecule?
A nucleoside contains...
Out of ATP,AMP and ADP which of the molecules contain high energy phosphate groups?
Which molecule can be found at the 5' end of a polynucleotide?
repetitive DNA compromises of how much of the human genome?
%of introns in the DNA
Due to one end of a polypeptide been 5' and the other 3' what property does this give a polynucleotide?
Which region compromises of about 2% of the human genome
How many nucleotide pairs are there approximately?
Width of DNA wrapped on histones is
the distance of one full twist in a DNA molecule is?
How many nucleotides are there in the human genome?
A hydroxyl group can be found at which end of a polynucleotide?
How many pairs of chromosomes are found in humans?
Groups of genes can be expressed without disassembly of the entire chromosome because..
Meselson and Stahl discovered that DNA replication is
Which enzyme catalyses the formation of polynucleotides?
Where is the information stored on a DNA molecule?
The final criteria of DNA was that it must....such that the information carried is altered in a heritable manner
Of repetitive DNA, which is moderately repetitive?
Where are the untranscribed regions found?
Which histone helps assemble nucleosomes into the 30nm fibre?
What is the diameter of packed DNA in a nucleus?
after the formation of the 30nm chromatin fibre, the DNA is condensed into...
The second criteria of DNA was that it must...that permits its passage across generations
What is DNA in terms of nucleotides?
SiNES are...
Which part of the human genome is relevant to human fingerprinting because it is unique to every individual?
Where is a nucleoside phosphorylated?
The pyrimidines consist of...
One of the criteria of DNA was that it must incorporate a feature which....
How many chromosomes are found in humans?
Approx 25% of the human genome is represented by...
The diameter of a DNA molecule is...
What is phosphorylation?
Beads on a string refers to...
What is positioned at carbon 2' on a ribose sugar ring?
repetitive DNA includes...
When two polynucleotides bond to form a DNA molecule the strands are positioned...
A chromatin molecule is a...fibre
The purines consist of...
What molecule is liberated at the formation of a phosphodiester bond?
What are strands of DNA packaged into?
Viral retroposons are known as...

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