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The cytoskeleton is made up of which three protiens?
Give in descending order of size 
Which cytoskeletal protein polymer is the smallest in size?
What is the diameter of a microfilament?
Give appropriate units 
Which proteins are associated with actin filaments?
Which proteins are associated with microtubules?
What is the approximate diameter of intermediate filaments?
Give appropriate units 
What is the diameter of microtubules?
The individual protein of a microfilament is called a...?
A polymer of G-actin protein forms?
G-actin must bind to which molecule to be able to form a microfilament?
The process of natural degradation of a microfilament, forming an ADP molecule, is called?
The different positioning at the + and - end of the actin filament means the filament is...
One turn in the actin double helix has a length of...
Give appropriate units 
One turn of the actin double helix consists of how many individual actin proteins?
State one major function of an actin filament
Approximately how long is an intermediate filament?
What is the name of the IF found in epithelial cells?
Neurofilamin is a type of...found in neurones
What is the name of the intermediate filament found in nevrves?
Give a function of the intermediate filament
Where are intermediate filaments most commonly found?
In mice, a lack of intermediate filament resulted in...
A dimer+ a dimer is called...
intermediate filaments are are polymers of...causing a staggered filament formation
What is the name of the protein which can bind intermediate filaments to actin filaments?
Give one feature of a microtubule
Which cytoskeletal protein polymer can not be seen by EM microscopy?
Which cytoskeletal protein polymer can only be seen by light microscopy?
monomers of microtubules are called?
A tubulin monomer consists of...subunits causing polarity
Tubulin is an.... monomer
In a tubulin polymer, which molecule binds to the + end forming a cap?
Which molecule can be found at the minus end of a microtubule?
By which process does GTP convert to GDP?
How many columns of tubulin are found in a microtubule?
Rapid collapse at the minus end of a microtubule is called?
in a tubulin polymer the... end grows faster
Where are microtubules polymerised?
which end of the microtubule is closer to the cell periphery?
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