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mitochondria is the main site of...production
where does protein tagging for the lysosome take place?
Which type of protein goes through the ER membrane channels?
A protein to pass through the mitochondrial membrane needs a..
what takes the proteins to mitochondria?
What type of modification happens in both the ER and Golgi?
In the RER what attaches to the protein to give it it's address in or outside the cell?
for translation to occur at the RER, a ... is needed on the end of the growing polypeptide chain.
proteins within vesicles insulin
which enzymes found in the golgi add sugar residues to enzymes?
which enzyme cleaves the signal sequence?
small proteins diffuse into...
The nucleus is surrounded by a double membrane known as the...which surrounds the nucleus
What does the adding of sugar residues give to proteins, making them an important part of the protein postcode?
which types of proteins do not enter the golgi?
What does the protein need to be transported to the lysosomes?
which types of bonds are formed in the ER
What allows transport of molecules in and out of the nucleus?
What recognises the signal sequence on the end of a growing polypeptide chain and binds to it, bringing it to a SRP receptor on the ER membrane?
which enzyme mutation leads to inclusion cell disease which leads to an untagged protein which therefore does not reach the lysosome?
which proteins remain as transmembrane segment proteins?
where are proteins modified?
What acts as a postcode to direct proteins to their correct address/ where they need to be?
What type of modification occurs in the ER?
membrane proteins in...end up in the plasma membrane
Which receptor in the golgi directs proteins into vesicles destined to the lysosomes?
what does phosphotransferase do in the golgi?
which molecule helps proteins into the nucleus by acting like a lift?
what does the protein need to be transported to the nucleus?

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