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What are the four classes of lipids?
Which class of lipid is an energy store?
Steroids are a precursor for...?
Which lipids form the membrane structure of cells?
What is the approximate length of a eukaryotic cell membrane?
Give appropriate units 
Name the molecules which make up the polar head groups of phospholipids
There are four, a specific order is needed 
Which molecule makes the phospholipid 'backbone'?
which polar head group can be found in Sphingomyelin?
Give an example of a saturated fatty acid
The answer is the one written in the lecture 
Give an example of a monounsaturated fatty acid
The answer is the one named in the lecture  
Give an example of a polyunsaturated fatty acid
The answer is the one named in the lecture 
How many fatty acids does a glycophospholipid contain?
Cholesterol contains how many rings?
Which part of the Cholesterol molecule is hydrophilic?
Kinks have an affect on which intermolecular force of attraction?
The cystolic facing fatty acids of a phospholipid bilayer are?
A short fatty acid chain will have what effect on fluidity?
High Cholesterol will have what effect on fluidity of a phospholipid bilayer?
An increased cholesterol content in RBC's can lead to which disease?
What effects can an increase in cholesterol have on RBC's?
There are two 
Name the classes of membrane proteins?
Remember RITES 
in what three ways are membrane proteins organised?
Which type of bonding occurs between extrinsic proteins and the bilayer?
What do extrinsic proteins interact with in the bilayer?
The type of bonding between Anchored proteins and the bilayer is?
Anchored proteins bond to what?
Give an example of an important peripheral protein
Name the one written in the lecture 
Which fatty acids are involved in anchored protein binding?
Name the treatments which can be used to remove proteins from the bilayer
Which bilayer treatment will remove proteins, independent of their position on the bilayer?
Which bilayer treatment will only remove peripheral proteins?
Which bilayer treatment will only remove anchored proteins?
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