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Which enzyme catalyses the breakdown of H2O2 to water?
How much faster is the enzyme catalysed reaction of H2O2 to H2O?
If the free energy required for a reaction to occur reduces, what does this mean?
Give an example of an enzyme which is group specific
What is specificity determined by?
How many reaction steps are there when converting D-Glucouse to lactose?
Which enzyme-substrate model suggests the substrate fits perfectly into the active site of an enzyme?
Which enzyme-substrate model suggests that the substrate fits into the active site requiring orientation?
which enzyme-substrate model suggests that the substrate binding to the active site causes the enzyme to conform to a similar shape as the substrate?
What is the co-enzyme in the alcohol dehydrogenase reaction?
What is the product of succinate dehydrogenase reaction?
What is the co-enzyme in a succinate dehydrogenase reaction?
What is the product of a Glucokinase reaction?
Which co-enzyme is used in a glucokinase reaction?
Isoenzymes describe enzymes with...which....the same reaction.
The reaction rate is given the symbol...
Many enzymes display....kinetics
K1,K-1 and K2 are...
The first assumption of the Michaelis-Menton reaction is...
The second assumption of the Michaelis-Menton reaction is..
The third assumption of the Michaelis-Menton reaction is...
Vo is...
Vmax is...
Km is...
Michaelis constant is...
[s] is...
What is the special relationship between Km and [S] when Vo = 0.5Vmax?
the best way to measure enzyme specificity is via the equation...
Kcat is the turnover number, it is equivalent to...
The line weaver burke plot gives...
After a myocardial infarction which two enzymes appear in the blood plasma due to leakage
lactate dehydrogenase is composed of..which can be arranged differently to form different isozymes
during myocardial infarction which heart cells rupture to cause the leakage of enzymes?
How many different isozymes are there of lactate dehydrogenase?
the competitive inhibitor of succinate dehydrogenase is...
Non competitive inhibitors are either... or ....
Inhibiting the Mg2+ requiring enzyme by addition of a chelator (EDTA) is an example of...
organophosphorus inhibition of cholinesterase is an example of
competitive inhibitors do not alter the...
competitive inhibitors alter the
both competitive and non-competitive inhibitors cause the Km/Vmax to have...
a way to control angiotensin II production is to use ACE inhibitors, give an example of one
When positive allosteric effectors are not present the enzyme is...
when negative allosteric effectors are present the enzyme is
examples of a negative allosteric effector include
Phosphophenylpyruvate and fructose 1,6 bis phosphate on pyruvate kinase is an example of...

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