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the promoter region which initiates transcription is found at the...
the enzyme which joins nucleotides to make RNA is called...
the addition of a tail of 50-250 amino acids to the mRNA occurs at the...end
in the most basic form the process of converting a DNA strand to an RNA strand is called...
The RNA transcript will form a hairpin loop because the DNA termination region is rich in which to nitrogenous bases?
the removal of intronic segments in the RNA is known as..
The direction to and finding of the start site by RNA polymerase is also known as...
the 7-mehylgaunosine cap is found at the...end of mRNA
In RNA the nitrogenous base thymine, is replaced by...
the reading of the DNA on the template strand and the synthesis of RNA is also known as...
in matureRNA only...are found
RNA polymerase is a protein complex formed from...subunits
the addition of the tail to the mRNA molecule is known as...
mRNA only forms after...
the addition of nucleotides for RNA is in ...direction
transcription requires a...
The three steps of transcription include...
The RNA DNA helix is about...long
Which molecule helps the RNA polymerase to find its transcriptional start site?
UTR stands for...
GTP reacts with the 5' end of the mRNA molecule, resulting in the addition of the phosphate group. The 5' -5' bond is known as....
nucleotides in RNA are joined by...bonds
What happens to the sigma factor after transcription initiation starts?
termination will sometimes require the assistance of the...
Reaching the stop sequence of DNA is also known as...
termination is controlled by DNA
concerning the mRNA cap, the guanine cap is methylated on the...carbon

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