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Viruses are not living because...
Which system compromises of an assembly of organs?
The immune system compromises of...
Prokaryotes have....
Eukaryotes have...
Hutchinson Gilford Progeria affects which part of the nucleus?
Hutchinson Gilford Progeria causes the nucleus to...
Hutchinson Gilford Progeria causes the production of...
An inherited absence of peroxisomes causes?
Tay sachs disease is associated with which organelle?
Tay Sachs is a mutation in which enzyme?
Which neurotoxic molecule can Tay Sachs result in?
MERRF is associated with which organelle?
What does MERRF cause?
Which enzymes do MERRF affect?
hormones and neurotransmitters are released by vesicles via which process?
How does a cell overcome size restrictions?
Peroxisomes are approx... in diameter
Give units 
Where is the site of phospholipid synthesis?
Peroxisomes generate and hydrolyse which molecule?
Are peroxisomes electron dense?
Diameter of a lysosome?
Give units 
Are Lysosomes electron dense?
Lysosomes can be tagged using...
Smooth Endoplasmic reticulum synthesises...
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum metabolises...
Translation of ribosomes occurs where?
How many stacks does the Golgi consist of?
The golgi modifies proteins by the addition of which molecules?
Lysosomes are synthesised where?
The length of a mitochondrion...
give units 
Mitochondria contains... so it can encode proteins
The inner membrane folds are called?
Which organelle is visible through a light microscope?
What is the length of naked DNA?
give units 
The length of DNA in nucleosomes is...
give units 
The length of DNA after mitosis is...
give units 
Where is rDNA transcribed
Where are ribosomal subunits assembled?
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