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Which polymer of nucleic acids has the function of the conversion of genetic information to proteins?
the enzyme used to break down lactose is called
A nucleotide consists of...
An energy storage carb is known as?
where does the undigested lactose of a lactose intolerant individual get digested by micro-organisms?
the enzyme in the small intestine which breaks down the glucose mono and disaccharides is..
lactose is made from...
an example of a pentose sugar is?
externally produced substances/molecules that humans get into contact with are called...
In solution alpha and beta glucose are in... and...
which micro-organisms digest undigested lactose causing CO2 production and hence bloating?
Niacin and folic acid are examples of...
linear glucose polymers are called...
sucrose is made from...
The enzyme in the saliva which breaks down glycogen is called
Another polyunsaturated fatty acid along with arachidonic acid is...
The enzyme which catalyses the formation of the glycosidic bond formation is called?
NEFA's are...
less than...of hexoses are linear?
enzymes which catalyse a few reactions are said to be...
The stereoisomer of sugars which is used by humans are called?
The enzyme used to mobilise glycogen in the liver is...
maltose is made from...
The glucose with the OH group that sits sits above the first carbon is...
An example of a ketose sugar is...
The carbon of the original carbonyl is called?
Aldose sugars contain an... group
By saying the phospholipid bilayer is amphiatic, what does this mean?
give an example of an enzyme which is substrate specific?
The formation of a phospholipid bilayer in an aqueous environment gives fatty acids the property of being...
NADH and co-enzyme A are an examples of...
Where does lactose break down occur?
An example of a non-reducing sugar is...
catalase is classed as...
Where are triglycerides stored?
Which polymer of nucleic acids has a function of storing genetic information?
Which polynucleotide is the structural component of ribosomes
A sugar is reducing when?
Structurally carbohydrates are used in the...
An energy source carb is known as?
Because carbohydrates are water soluble they are therefore...
branched glucose polymers are called..
the enzyme in the pancreas which breaks down glycogen is

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