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Which structure of a protein sees the folded peptide chains joining together?
The primary sequence of amino acids define....of a protein
What are the two types of protein, in terms of structure?
Due to rigidity the C-N bond shows no...
What is odd about that C-N bond?
In a peptide the O atom is...
in a peptide the N atom is...
Which type of bonding occurs between peptides and other polar groupr?
The first amino acid is known as the N-terminal end because it contains an... group
The C-terminal is also known as the...
Disulphide bridges occur between...
Hydrophobic groups are generally found on the inside of a protein due to...
Hydrophilic groups are generally found on the....of proteins
A H-bond acceptor is an...atom
A triple covalently bonded nitrogen can act as...
H-bond donors include...
A triple covalently bonded nitrogen can be found in which amino acids?
The NH3+ group can be found in which amino acids?
The N-H bond can be found in which amino acids?
The O-H bond can be found on the side chains of which amino acids?
What is the length of the Hydrogen bond?
in nanometers 
The enthalpy change for the H-bond is...
provide appropriate units 
What is the physiological pH range?
The side chains of which amino acids, containing -COOH are ionised at physiological pH?
The side chains of which amino acids, containing -NH3 are ionised at physiological pH?
What is d/2 equivalent to?
Denaturation is caused by?
A protein has thousands of possible structures, how many of these are functional?
The H-bonds which form the alpha helix are found...
H- bonds that form the alpha helix are found every....peptide
in an alpha helix there are...residues per turn
The R-groups face the....when an alpha helix forms
The....shape of the helix provides architectural support
The distance between each turn in an alpha helix is...
provide appropriate units 
Which secondary structure has H-bonds between peptide chains?
Which type of beta pleated sheet formation is widely found in globular proteins?
A characteristic of the anti parallel beta sheet is...
In which beta pleated sheet formation will you find loops?
In which naturally occurring molecule is the triple helix found?
A triple helix has... residues per turn?
The triple helix is a.... helix unlike the alpha helix
Which amino acid is consistently present in an triple helix
Proline and hydrox-yproline can be found where?
Beta barrels, beta sandwiches and Rossman folds are a types of...
give appropriate units 
Proteins with high amount of alpha helix are usually...
Hb has...% alpha helix
Proteins with a high amount of B pleated sheets are usually
Super secondary structures are... of alpha helices and beta pleated sheets
Aspartame is made up of which amino acids?
Glutathione is made up of which amino acids?
short polypeptide consist of about...amino acids
Large polypeptides consist of... amino acids
Dystrophin is an example of a...
Glucagon (29aa's) is...
neurotransmitters are...
In Alzheimers disease which proteins form plaques?
The polymerisation of which proteins leads to Creutzfeldt Jakob disease?
Aggregated prions are...
In CJD, PrPc changes to...
Polymerisation of PrPsc forms...
PrPsc forms beta pleated sheets where as the normal form of prion protein forms....
PrPsc is resistant to...unlike PrPc
Sickle cell is caused by a mutation of the...amino acid
Which part of the Hb molecule is affected in sickle cell disease?
Which amino acid is present in a sickle cell Hb, that would not be in a normal functioning Hb?
The sickle cell mutation causes Hb to change from being charged to...
causes the loss of elasticity and lysis of Globin 
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