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which antibiotic inhibits peptidyl transferase by binding on the 50s subunit?
Which antibiotic acts in transcription, by binding DNA at the initiation complex and by preventing elongation by RNA polymerase
Which inhibitor interferes with the elongation step in eukaryotes?
which antibiotic binds to the 50s subunit and prevent translocation?
which antibiotic prevents the bonding of aminoacyl-tRNA's to the ribosome?
Some antibiotics kill bacteria because they can...transcription and translation
Which inhibitor inactivate the eukaryotic elongation factor 2?
Which antibiotic prevents RNA synthesis by binding to RNA polymerase and therefore inhibiting it?
which inhibitor causes a premature chain termination in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic translation?
which antibiotic affects initiation of the 30s subunit and causes misreading of codons?
Which inhibitor, which is a deadly toxin, inhibits RNA polymerase II directly?

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