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QUIZ: Can you name the things containing the word 'White' in their name?

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Having too many or too few of these can be detrimental to your health
A fierce blizzard
This tree's leaves are pinkish in the spring
The baseball team lost to the Red in the 'fixed' World Series
Double McTwist 1260...
Pai Mei from Kill bill Vol. 2 was also known as
A novel by Jack London, also a movie
This is refracted in a prism to reveal color components
The president's residence
Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat belongs to this society
Another name for extreme river-rafting
There is conflict amongst conservationists and hunters when it deals with the shooting of this animal
This animal has a recessive gene that causes pale skin coloration
This purest form of protein can be eaten with or without its vitamin-rich counterpart
Embezzlement is an example of this
Nickname for a scientist
If you control the black pieces on a chessboard, then your opponent's horse is a...
Humans have never witnessed this species mating or giving birth to offspring
In American History X, Edward Norton belongs to a cult that promotes...
You might tell one of these to 'get out of something'
Netherlands, Russia, and Thailand's flags share these three colors
Vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream = this drink
a random signal (or process) with a flat power spectral density
This actor played SPAWN
A cheap type of paint

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