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Can you name the LOST Characters based on the events listed below?

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Forced Order
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This character was driving the police car that pulled over Hurley...not for real though
This character was told 'whenever you hear whispers, you run the other way!'
This character outran the smoke monster with Kate by going through the sonar fence
This character was presumed dead when the freighter exploded
This character was kidnapped from the raft by the 'others'
Sawyer accused this character of crashing the Oceanic 815
This character was killed by his own mother
This character created her own garden on the island...and destroyed it
This character visited Locke when he was born
This character was 'supposed to be flying that plane'
This character went to see a psychic
This character's last words were 'They're coming'
This character stole a cigarette case that once belonged to Winston Churchill
This character recruited the members who would fly to the island via helicopter from Widmore's freighter
This character found the coordinates to get back to the island at the Lamp Post station

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