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Can you name the LOST Characters based on the events listed below?

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Forced Order
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This character witnessed Charlie's death
This character encouraged Locke to go on a 'walkabout'
After Oceanic 815 crashed, this character killed a polar bear
This character was killed by the smoke monster for failing to answer for his sins
This character threw a Hot Pocket at the wall
This character moved the island...the second time
This character executed Ben's daughter
This character stole a lunchbox in her early childhood
This character was banished from the island shortly after ordering the death of a child
After shooting Locke, this character held him at gunpoint for a very brief moment in 'time'
This character said 'That's why the Sox will never win the series'
This character summoned the smoke monster to kill numerous members of Widmore's assault team
In a dream, this character was chopping down trees to build 'The Cabin'
This character was severely beaten for his tattoo
This character witnessed his father holding him

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