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Can you name the things containing 'GG' in their names?

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Brand-name prescription drug (for stroke)
Edible object with a yellow center
One who falls behind
Attempt to persevere through hard times
Flat wooden sled, with a curl at the end
Annoy or irritate
Overpowering destructive force or object
To illegally transporting goods
Brand of fabric softeners/dryer sheets
Casual running
Popular word game
You might do this to a switch. aka a pin or rod
To stretch the truth
Past tense of getting robbed
Informal word for the head/skull
If you pull off something impressive, you've earned these rights
Hostile behavior often caused by frustration
A pauper
If french fries sit for too long, they'll become
This industry uses 'cut-to-length' method
To walk with over-confidence
The movie Hidalgo starring...
Ya mon, dis my kinda music
A sharp weapon, dirk
You may do this a lot when drunk
Slim Pickens played this character in 'Blazing Saddles'

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