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Can you name the Celebrity from the UK advertising Campaign?

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Company (Year of Adverts)CelebrityFamous For
Nespresso (2011)Actor
Tesco (2007)Girlgroup Member
Nike (2010)Animated Character
Gillette (2008)Golfer
Nationwide (2010)Comedy Actor
Gillette (2008)Tennis Player
John Smiths (2002)Stand Up Comedian
Quorn (1996)Footballer
Vodafone (Multiple Years)Formula 1 Driver
Tesco (2007)Girlgroup Member
PG Tips (Multiple Years)Comedian/ Comedy Actor
Rimmel (2008)Female Singer
Iceland (2011)Female Reality TV Star
Ryvita (2008)Female TV Presenter
Tesco (2007)Girlgroup Member
Company (Year of Adverts)CelebrityFamous For
Burger King (1991)TV Actress
Sainsburys (Multiple years)Male TV Chef
L'Oreal Men Expert (2007)TV Actor
Nespresso (2011)Actor
Tesco (2007)Girlgroup Member
Pretty Polly (1999)Female TV Presenter
Gillette (2008)Footballer
Country Life Butter (2008)Punk Rock Singer/Musician
Oxfam (2007)Male Singer
Nationwide (2010)Comedy Actor
Nationwide (2010)Football Manager
Tesco (2007)Girlgroup Member
John Smiths (1996)Male Stand Up Comedian
Pringles (2010)Footballer
RAC (2007)Footballer/Actor

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