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QUIZ: Can you name these best selling Gotham films?

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Plot with BatmanReal Movie
When archaeologists find a ring device capable of space travel, it's up to Batman and a group of soldiers to stop the aliens that await them.
Down and out boxer Batman finds the career opportunity of a lifetime when Heavyweight champion Bane challenges him.
Batman makes an unlikely bond with his Psychiatrist, the Scarecrow, when Batman begins seeing the undead.
Upon being opened on Christmas, Batman finds himself surrounded by talking toys, eventually leading to his final battle with the neighbor, Sid.
Batman is trapped inside a cursed board game, only to be freed by Tim Drake years later. Alongside Oracle and Batgirl, the group sets out to beat the game once and for all.
Commissioner Gordon is sent undercover into the fast paced world of street racing.
Batman doesn't know who you are, but he will find you and knock you unconscious.
Space travelling alien Batman lands on Earth and bonds with a child as he tries to go home.
The long closed Wayne chocolate factory reopens its doors to lucky children who find the BatTicket.
Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after watching his father fall to his death, caused by his evil uncle.
Sick in bed, Batman is read a story by his grandfather about a princess and a dread pirate.
Don't call Batman 'Shirley'.
Trying to save his home from being closed, Dick Grayson sets out with the Teen Titans to find buried treasure.
Batman finds himself torn when his wife may be cheating on him for his friend. 'Oh hai Robin'
Billionaire Thomas Wayne is dead, his last words being 'Marvel'. Reporters rush to find the meaning of this infamous uttering.
It was Mr. Freeze, in the Batcave, with the candlestick.
Batman, the God of Thunder, is sent to Earth to live with humans.
The Joker is forced to live the same day over and over until he changes his ways.
Plot with BatmanReal Movie
Bruce Wayne creates BatBook, a website, only to be sued by Oswald Cobblepot, a man who was rumored to come up with the idea first.
Batman dresses as a king and goes on a low budget journey to recover the BatGrail.
Killer Croc is brought to Gotham City after poaching in Australia all his life.
Batman and the Joker bond together in Arkham Asylum after being imprisoned there for a number of years.
In space, no one can hear you say, 'Na na na na na na na na.'
Batman is taught by Kung Fu master Ra's Al Ghul to defend himself against his bullies.
Secret agent 00Batman plays a high stakes poker game, something far more troubling than he first thought.
Batman wakes up on a fishing vessel without his memory and returns to Gotham, only to be hounded by assassins at every turn.
Aliens come to Gotham and destroy famous landmarks, such as Wayne Tower. Thankfully, Batman was prepared. He has a batvirus.
A serial killer who refers to himself as 'Holiday' utilizes the seven deadly sins to carry out his crimes.
Batman is thrown into a conspiracy wrought with the robots he has always hated.
Billionaire Bruce Wayne is captured by Terrorists and builds a metal suit. He goes on to become a superhero.
Batman meets friendly animals and works alongside them to stop the evil White Witch.
The Justice League unites together to fight aliens.
Batman ages backwards until he looks remarkably similar to a child Bruce Wayne. Surely a coincidence.
Batman goes back in time to kill a waitress.
Batman finds himself trapped in a program created by man-eating machines. Thankfully, he already can do backflips.

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