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Enter if you dare...
Keep your eye on the birdie!
He's out to stop the show...for good!
It's's breathing...and it doesn't do dishes!
It's going to be a L-O-N-G night...
Something's waiting in the dark...
Talk about a MONSTER nightmare!
It will just kill you...
New Face. Old Nightmare.
If looks could kill...
No swimming. No surfing. No haunting.
One picture is worth a thousand screams.
Play it again, hands!
It's the little camp of horrors!
Be all that you can't see!
There's a strange new kid on the block...
Evan's growing up way too fast!
It keeps growing...and growing...and growing...
It's a finger lickin' nightmare!
He walks, he stalks...
It's a field of screams!
She's got the monster of all problems!
What will wake the dead?
He's got a heart of cold!
Tennis...Ping-Pong...Monsters, anyone?
That's no Easter Bunny!
They're coming for you...
It might come true...
Now you see him, now you don't!
It's a monster ***** drive!
Open wide and say...mouthwash!
He's no ordinary human bee-ing...
He's no superhero, he's a supervillain!
Just when you thought it was safe...
They're no yolk!
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
Homework was never this gross before!
Bad dog. Really BAD Dog.
Major headache!
Just dial 5-5-5-C-R-E-E-P!
Last one in is a rotten...ghost!
Think negative. Real negative.
Keep off their grass!
He's a real animal!
Step 1: Run. Step 2: Run faster.
He's one hungry hamster!
He's back...from the dead!
He's no fun in the sun!
It's a real dead end.
Finders keepers!
Put one head in front of the other..
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...kid?
He's still walking. He's still stalking.
Not seeing is believing!
Heads up!
He's no picky eater!
Rise and shine...forever.
This ***** is bad to the bone!
Something's fishy...again!
All dressed up and no place to howl!
They're watching you learn...the hard way.
Every ***** has his day...and night!

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