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ClueVice PresidentExtra Info
He and his wife were the first two recipients of a Medicare card.
This Vice President hosted a syndicated talk radio show broadcast throughout his home state.
Reports stated that he was the soldier who killed Tecumseh...
Previously White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense, this Vice President was no stranger to the Executive Branch.
Like his father, he served as Governor of Virginia...
With his running mate running a 'front porch' campaign, it was up to this future Vice President to make appearances on behalf of their ticket.
This Republican was a Congressman, CIA director, head of the Republican National Committee and Special Liaison to China before becoming Vice President.
He was the last Vice President to wear facial hair while in office.
In 1912, he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Griffith Stadium.
He was only out of law school for four years before becoming Minnesota Attorney General at age 32.
As a US Senator from Tennessee during the Civil War, he refused to resign as all of his Southern colleagues had...
Ever been in the second largest city in Alaska? It's named for this Hoosier.
He ran for Governor of California the year after leaving the Vice Presidency.
He introduced the Honeydew melon to China.
Having already served as a US Senator from Maine for over twelve years, he returned after an eight-year absence.
In December 1832, he was the first Vice President to resign.
This former Vice President was nominated for his old job in 1900, four years after leaving office.
The desk of this Vice President, whose adopted surname was the same as a future President, ended up in the Oval Office during the Nixon and Ford years.
This future Vice President received a majority of his party's electoral votes for President in 1872...
He served as Governor of New York during the War of 1812.
Raised in a Dutch household, this Vice President spoke with a Dutch accent until the day he died.
He's the namesake for Texas' second most populous county...
He was the only Vice President sworn in on foreign soil...
He was the first Vice President selected under the 25th Amendment.
ClueVice PresidentExtra Info
He served as Speaker of the House for six years (1863-1869) before becoming Vice President.
For 175 years, he was the only Vice President to have been the father of a President.
This Vice President was born a dual citizen. His detractors claimed he was born in Canada.
Tommy Lee Jones was a housemate of this future Vice President while both attended Harvard.
This future Vice President was so unknown that his running mate didn't recognize his name upon being informed of his placement on the ticket...
This Vice President wrote the melody for 'It's All In The Game', an influential pop standard.
While Governor of Indiana, he laid the final brick at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909.
He was the father of the University of Buffalo.
Ever seen the Vikings play at home? You've been in a stadium named for him.
This Vice President lived longer than any other, dying just short of his 99th birthday.
This one-time Senate Majority Leader was the first Vice President dubbed 'Veep'.
As Governor of Massachusetts, he was accused of redrawing legislative districts to favor his party.
He was the first Governor of New York.
This Vice President was the only sitting Senate Majority Leader to become Vice President.
He was the first Greek-American Vice President.
The Republicans put him on the 1900 ticket to get him out of the spotlight...
He was the first Roman Catholic Vice President.
This former Vice President served as a brigadier general and major general in the Civil War...
After four years as Vice President, he headed west. He ended up getting charged with treason.
He was Governor of New York. His brother was Governor of Arkansas. His nephew was Governor of West Virginia.
This Vice President was referred to as 'Assistant to the President'. His wife often filled in at state dinners for the epileptic First Lady.
The US Vice Presidential Museum is located at the Center named for him.
He was the father of the University of Virginia.
This future Vice President drove the first rivet into the Statue of Liberty.

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