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(A) Daughter of Leo and Inez Wong
(B) Bowling Alley owned by Al Gumble
(C) Star of TV Drama 'All My Circuits'
(D) Mascot of Homer's favourite beer
(E) Renowned (purple) Neptunian chef
(F) Radioactive Man's sidekick
(G) Into The Wild _____ Yonder
(H) Homer Simpson's older half-brother
(I) Robot bartender on the Titanic Starship
(J) Music genre of Bleeding Gums Murphy
(K) Zapp Brannigan's Lieutenant
(L) Shop at the mall run by Ned Flanders
(M) Home planet of the Wong family
(N) Leading school bully
(O) Home planet of Emperor Lrrr
(P) Parody of Planet Hollywood
(Q) Creature that makes Slurm
(R) Parody of Edgar Allen Poe's poem
(S) Planet Express' loveable janitor
(T) Sells fashionable turbans
(U) New name for planet Uranus (as of 2620)
(V) Runaway slave helped by Eliza Simpson
(W) Planet that inhabits the Slurm Worms
(X) Saved by Stretch-Dude & Clobber Girl
(Y) Older brother Philip J. Fry
(Z) Marge's childhood boyfriend (surname)

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