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Can you name the TV show when given 2 names that are not the main characters?

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(Not the main characters)TV Show
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, Barnacle Boy
Dr. Richard Burke, Paolo
Cleveland Brown, Mayor Adam West
Margaery Tyrell, Khal Drogo
Gustavo Fring, Hector Salamanca
Kent Brockman, Troy McClure
Merle Dixon, Gabriel Stokes
Leopold Stotch, Wendy Testaburger
Barry Zuckerkorn, Lucille Austero
Spike, Rupert Giles
(Not the main characters)TV Show
John Winchester, Castiel
Stuart Bloom, Barry Kripke
Sister Mary Eunice, Dr. Oliver Thredson
Robert California, Todd Packer
Sam Healy, Galina 'Red' Reznikov
Kif Kroker, Barbados Slim
Garry (Jerry/Larry) Gergich, Li'l Sebastian
Ted Buckland, Jordan Sullivan
Ranjit Singh, Sandy Rivers
Alex 'Star-Burns' Osbourne, Magnitude

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