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Can you name the movie when given 2 names that are not the main character?

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Forced Order
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(Not the main characters)Movie
Olaf & The Duke of Weselton
Lumière & Cogsworth
King Triton & Attina
Bill Sykes & Jenny Foxworth
Iago & Razoul
Pascal & Maximus
Doctor Faciler & Louis
Judge Doom & Benny the Cab
Jaq & Gus
Stinky Pete & Al
(Not the main characters)Movie
Kaa & King Louie
Trusty & Aunt Sarah
Gill & Nigel
Taffyta Muttonfudge & Sergeant Calhoun
Madame Medusa & Orville
Clopin Trouillefou & Captain Phoebus
Gantu & Pleakley
Mushu & Chien-Po
P.T. Flea & Heimlich
Panic & Pain
(Not the main characters)Movie
Yzma & Kronk
Mr. Smee & Michael Darling
Gurgi & Horned King
Terk & Tantor
Edna Mode & Syndrome
David Q. Dawson & Fidget the Bat
Lyle Rourke & Helga Sinclair
Governor Ratcliffe & Meeko
Plio & Kron
Luigi & Guido

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