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Can you name the animated movie when given 2 names that are not the main characters?

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(Not the main characters)Movie
Snot Rod & Strip 'The King' Weathers
Zazu & Sarabi
Celia Mae & Roz
Bad Cop/Good Cop & Vitruvius
Doctor Finklestein & Zero
Fowler & Mr. Tweedy
Azteca & Chip the Wasp
Russ Cargill & Spider-Pig
Archimedes Q. Porter & Kala
King Candy & Sour Bill
(Not the main characters)Movie
Gantu & Cobra Bubbles
King Julien & Kowalski
King Neptune & Dennis
Lumière & Cogsworth
Hamm & Bo Peep
Frozone & Edna Mode
Crush & Nigel
Noah the Elder & Ramón
Mushu & Chien-Po
Flounder & Scuttle

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