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Notable ActorMovie with DAY
Matthew Broderick (1986)
Howard Keel (1963)
Pierce Brosnan (2002)
Al Pacino (1975)
Keanu Reeves (2008)
Bill Murray (1993)
Anthony Hopkins (1993)
Denzel Washington (2001)
Cameron Diaz (2010)
Dennis Quaid (2004)
Michelle Pfeiffer (1996)
Julia Roberts (2010)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (2000)
Eddie Murphy (2003)
Hugh Jackman (2014)
Will Smith (1996)
Anne Hathaway (2011)
Notable ActorMovie with DAY
Kevin Costner (2014)
Kate Winslet (2013)
Tom Cruise (1990)
Kate Hudson (2003)
Timothy Dalton (1987)
Cillian Murphy (2002)
Kevin Costner (2000)
John Lennon (1964)
Josh Hartnett (2007)
Jackie Chan (2004)
Joseph-Gordon Levitt (2009)
Russell Crowe (2010)
Jude Law (2006)
Ethan Hawke (2009)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1991)
Jamie Lee Curtis (2003)
Rowan Atkinson (2007)

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