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Can you guess if the (total) body count is higher or lower? (According to

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MovieHigher or Lower than the (_?)
Hannibal (5?)
LOTR: The Two Towers (1000?)
The Silence of the Lambs (15?)
The Crow (25?)
Blade (90?)
Collateral (20?)
Fight Club (20?)
The Dark Knight (45?)
The Fugitive (10?)
Goldeneye (70?)
The Departed (15?)
Reservoir Dogs (10?)
The Prestige (10?)
The Last Samurai (450?)
300 (900?)
MovieHigher or Lower than the (_?)
Alien (10?)
Ghost Rider (30?)
Con Air (20?)
A Clockwork Orange (15?)
Lethal Weapon (40?)
Casino (20?)
Shaun of the Dead (45?)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (50?)
Hellboy (90?)
Bad Boys (40?)
Mad Max (5?)
Braveheart (100?)
I Am Legend (50?)
Scarface (35?)
Kill Bill Vol.1 (115?)

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