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Can you name the common actor when several of their film titles become meshed together?

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Forced Order
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Mixed-Up TitlesActorMovies
Mr. Smith Goes to a Wonderful Window
Dr Seuss’ Eternal Nature of the Unfortunate Moon
Dawn of the Fifth Professional and the Prisoner of Kung Fu
The King of that Little Joy
The Lost Kids: Still a Single Seventh Son
The Iron Devil vs Sophie's Hunter!
Old Glory: The Ballad of the Lost Fiction
Planet of the Transformers: The Perfect Pain & Other Payne
Pirates of Wonderland: The Curse of Fleet Street
Les Australia: Rise of the Swordfish
American Salvation: Gods and the Dark Dawn
The Despicable, Crazy, Stupid, 40-Year Old, Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Big, Short, Legend
The Grand List and the Wrath of the Phoenix
Snow White and the Monster: Fury Flux
You Don't Anger My Funny Little Boy
Toy Story or (The Unexpected Noise Returns)
The Curious Interview with Seven Monkeys
Sex Mask: Full Throttle
Star Runner: The Temple Lies Beneath
I am After Seven Men in the Wild West
The Adventures of Shaun: The World's Search for Dinosaurs
The American Hunger: First Bone
About a Few Good Cuckoo's
The Life Aquatic with Marley & Hutch
Avengers: Age of the Eight Secret Snakes

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