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There's something about our world today_____________(All I'm Dreamin' of)
Me and Mary Jane_____________(Me and Mary Jane)
I'd walk through hell and high water_____________(Hell and High Water)
I hope my father knows_____________(Things My Father Said)
I've got my mamma's smile_____________(Like I Roll)
I have seen my brothers_____________(Lonely Train)
On the couch, on the front porch_____________(White Trash Millionaire)
Times can get a little tough_____________(Peace is Free)
Hair strung like silver_____________(Rain Wizard)
Hot damn it's hot, they passing shots_____________(Fiesta Del Feugo)
You promised, we believed you_____________(Change)
Are you willing to fight for me_____________(Die For You)
As you fade away_____________(Shooting Star)
We'll try no to cry_____________(Blind Man)
Violator girl_____________(Violator Girl)
It wasn't her fault, that you weren't around_____________(Such a Shame)
Let the feeling free your soul_____________(Magic Mountain)
A little bit of rain wouldn't make the news_____________(Hollywood in Kentucky)

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